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It’s time. Let’s go there.

Today, leaders face a new challenge. It’s about leading into opportunity created by unparalleled disruption. Our customers, teams, and families crave insight, inspiration and leadership as we work and live in entirely new ways.

Who is helping you forge a path? Whether you need to articulate a vision, create a roadmap or embolden your team, I bring a strong point of view, a practical approach, and a whole new conversation. 


Leadership is hard. Whether we’re addressing it at the individual, team or organizational level, I foster authentic conversation and courageous action to drive clarity, accountability and progress. What is your single greatest opportunity? Let’s start there.

“She is, hands down, the most effective coach I have ever seen.  I have seen her results be career changing and life changing.”

SVP, Target Corporation


“For private equity firms like us, the value of a business is directly connected to its leadership. If we can keep an executive team together and improve their performance, we avoid significant disruption and cost. Sherry jumped in and delivered.” 

Principal, Corinthian Capital, NYC


My Services

  • Drive Clarity and Purpose as a Foundation for Action 

  • Coach and Develop Individual Leaders

  • Develop and Align Teams of Leaders

  • Plan for Succession and Other Critical Transitions

  • Facilitate Organizational and Cultural Transformation

  • Drive Results!

Every individual in an organization has personal priorities and their own growth path. I strive to articulate the common business vision that all stakeholders share and get everyone in aligned action. This is a process and practice that is invigorating and ultimately liberating. Let’s begin. 

My Approach


Since launching my consulting practice 17 years ago, I have worked with senior leaders and teams at some of the Midwest’s most esteemed companies and organizations.

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