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Mission-Critical Transitions

  • Declining or disrupted market creating urgency to lead and work differently

  • Planning for succession and transition of key roles

  • Onboarding leaders into new roles

  • Facilitating partnership between critical functions

  • Standing up or optimizing a leadership team

  • Preparing for or recovering from a reorganization

  • Developing the next generation of leaders

  • Adapting to new company ownership and integration

Leaders & Teams

  • Creating a leadership vision and plan

  • Assessing strengths and opportunities

  • Cultivating a point of view and finding an authentic voice

  • Strengthening leaders' communication and presence

  • Preparing, writing and presenting important speeches or remarks

  • Driving clarity and alignment across functions

  • Developing a cohesive and high-functioning team

  • Standing up decision-making forums and facilitating high impact meetings

  • Mapping stakeholder relationships and influence

Change can create confusion. Competing agendas and too many priorities overwhelm leaders and dilute effectiveness.. Knowing where to focus to get fast traction while staying grounded requires an experienced guide.

I’ve been there.


We start where you are.

Although I offer a range of leadership consulting and coaching services, I specialize in working with senior leaders and teams as they navigate mission-critical transitions. I have 25+ years of experience helping leaders align with clear business objectives and optimize the effectiveness of their top talent. This is often the most high-impact investment an organization can make. 

Service List

Case Studies


Aligning leadership to transform the business model and drive change


Prepping a small-town manufacturer for global acquisition from the top down


Managing a merger, bridging the generation gap and positioning a firm for acquisition


Building skills and changing culture in a highly technical CIO direct report group


Preparing 100+ leaders for senior roles in a Fortune 50 company


Engaging and retaining high-potential leaders through a customized 6-month program

Case Studies
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