Prepping a small-town manufacturer for global acquisition from the top down

“I was born and raised near the headquarters of this homegrown business and it was incredibly rewarding to watch the leadership and entire organization ‘grow up’ before my eyes—and become a valuable acquisition and asset for a global portfolio company. They are already a leader among their other peer companies in this new environment.”
- SE

Private-equity-owned $100M manufacturer, 200 employees in 2 states, recently purchased by a $4.5B public company

Company sale fell through after rigorous year-long due diligence. Private equity owners regrouped to determine how to develop senior leaders to re-position the company for sale. In particular, legacy CEO who had been with the company for 20+ years needed to learn to leverage and empower newly-hired senior talent.

  • Private equity owners needed to see an aligned vision and strategy from a unified senior team

  • Needed to integrate new senior leaders into a cohesive team by deepening individual self awareness and creating personal goals to drive team performance

  • Situation assessment

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Senior team leadership development and alignment

  • 360 feedback

  • Senior team offsite design and facilitation

Sherry evolved with us as we went through the process. She did a great job of helping us transition into the corporate world. Very effective. Sherry did a great job of leading us -- first, navigating with each other as a senior team, then learning to navigate these new waters in a global, corporate environment.

  • Created first-ever senior leadership team, with team structure and protocols

  • Created next-level-down operating leadership team with team structure, charter and protocols

  • Senior team developed first-ever strategic roadmap; leading and running company from a narrative that can be communicated across the company​

--Chief Executive Officer

  • Established a new executive leadership team and operating leadership team; stood up operating structure and routines

  • Moved from a small company mindset where a few people made most decisions to a flatter, more empowered style of leadership

  • Dramatically increased engagement, optimism and vitality across the company

  • CEO reimagined role and elevated his leadership to make room for other leaders to contribute their strengths

  • Company was acquired by a global corporation, in part, because it showed up with a united senior leadership team ready to strategize with new corporate and global partners

  • Company prepared for the rigor of new ownership integration process because it had functional leadership and decision-making forums in place

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