Aligning leadership to transform the business model and drive change

“This is the kind of meaty project I love to sink my teeth into.  To help the organization shift from fear and overwhelm to clarity and new enthusiasm in a matter of months was a truly collective effort—and accomplishment."
- SE

Nonprofit health and retirement benefit organization serving 15,000 members, $10B assets under management, 200 employees

Declining membership, a changing marketplace and the risk of losing key talent created an urgent need to transform the business model and explore new markets to grow

  • Needed to align leadership team to innovate after decades of functioning the same way

  • Needed to get leaders from across the company talking to each other to envision a new future and solve critical business problems

  • Needed to roll out a program to develop all leaders and teams and craft an appropriate narrative about the new form of leadership

  • Organization development, people strategy design, and reorganization

  • Leadership program design and facilitation

  • Leadership development and coaching

Sherry’s value has been three-fold:

  1. Executive level—She formed one-on-one relationships with the C-Suite and became a trusted advisor.  She challenged their thinking when nobody else was in a position to do so.

  2. Small teams—Sherry takes diverse groups and facilitates discussions. She teaches a new language, guides the organization in a new way and establishes internal to-dos.  She acts as a structural leader.  

  3. Enterprise—Sherry helps maintain momentum; you feel safe and like she’s a trusted confidante, she provides feedback, and brings an intuitive professionalism.

--Senior Director, Organization Development 

  • New markets identified and the company is reorganized and positioned for growth

  • Culture scores jumped from the lowest to highest in being a “learning organization”

  • The COO/CFO won Leader of the Year award for driving change and innovation

  • Cross-functional problem solving and collaboration in new forums is driving culture change

  • More efficient communication and decision-making across the organization

  • Greater personal accountability–starting with leader as change agent first, then modeling what asking from others

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