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Building skills and changing culture in a highly technical CIO direct report group

“It was helpful having a strategic human resources thought partner on this project. It was clear the CIO and HR leader were aligned and partnering, which helped me hit the ground running with the assessment and development of this team. It’s incredible how quickly a whole team can pivot when they are given the truth about themselves and then have to articulate it to their peers -- not because anyone is making them do it, but because they are motivated to feel better. They know it’s up to them to make that happen.”
- SE


$600M privately held high-tech security company with 2,000 employees in 34 worldwide locations managing billions of transactions annually

Key Business Issues

A massive business transformation effort was putting pressure on a team of technology leaders who needed greater awareness of themselves, each other and their customers in order to be successful

Key Leadership Challenges

  • Needed to elevate and connect technology work to the core value proposition of the business

  • Needed to build a culture of learning vs. only delivering results

  • Needed to inspire legacy leaders to embrace learning

  • Needed to integrate one junior leader who felt alienated from rest of team

  • Needed to get the group working together as a team vs. a collection of individual contributors

Services Provided

  • Leadership coaching

  • 360 feedback collection and reporting

  • Assessment of team

  • Offsite design and team facilitation

  • Consult with and advise senior leadership


Articulating the Value

"In a digital business like ours, we need the entire team thinking about customer success, not just on delivering their personal results.  When people are historically focused on delivery, it takes effort to instill and grow a culture of learning.


We needed a formalized framework to help implement this. This is what we charged Sherry with. She did a fantastic job of implementing a customized leadership development program for my team and working with each of them on their goals.


It’s a process, and the important foundational pieces were put in place. Now, I need my team, in turn, teaching their own teams the same things they learned."

-- Chief Information Officer

Business & Human Impact

  • Substantially improved net promoter scores

  • Improved employee retention

  • Deepened self-awareness by all leaders

  • Each leader shared their personalized leadership plan and 360 feedback themes with whole team, modeling vulnerability, humility and transparency

  • Better understanding of one anothers’ challenges and how to support each other

  • Leader previously alienated from team took personal accountability and set up conditions for better collaboration

  • Team meetings were overhauled and focused more on cross-functional problem solving instead of “report outs”

  • Team members driving more value in CIO meetings and initiating more collaboration with each other

“I worked with Sherry in my previous company and the program we designed for functional leaders was a fantastic success! I wanted her to do the same with my current team.”

“Sherry has helped transform our organization. We would not be where we are without her help and guidance.”

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