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Preparing 100+ leaders for senior roles in a Fortune 50 company

“The high-stakes expectations and performance culture of this company can be intimidating. The funnel for advancement is very competitive. There tends to be more career planning earlier and then it fades out and leaders must increasingly navigate what’s next on their own. Or, often what a leader has been praised for early in their career becomes a liability further up the ladder.  They can suddenly find themselves in trouble. Either way, it becomes imperative to take ownership and drive one's own career. I love digging in with leaders, getting the lay of the land, and finding that path to win. I hold a vision for their success before they can see it. This is a very personal and rigorous process. It can be both liberating

and invigorating.”
- SE


Fortune 50, $60B retailer headquartered in Minneapolis

Key Business Issues

The success of the business depends on continually grooming and developing leaders ready to step into diverse and demanding senior executive roles

Key Leadership Challenges

  • Needed pipeline of leaders who can navigate complexity, change and dynamic relationships while still driving outcomes

  • Needed leaders to project strength and presence appropriate for senior roles

  • Needed to build confidence in leaders as they step into new, higher risk internal and external situations

  • Needed leaders to be grounded within strong culture while having a point of view and authentic voice

Services Provided

  • 360 feedback collection and reporting

  • Leadership coaching to develop a personalized vision

  • Executive presence and presentation coaching to strengthen confidence

  • Executive presentation and storytelling skills to engage and inspire large audiences

  • Individual and team programs

Articulating the Value

Sherry’s value has been significant over the past decade:

  • Coached 100+ leaders

  • Many assignments focused on leadership communication, executive presence and building personal brand and voice as a leader

  • 3 years in high potential leadership development program; partnered with company SVP on a yearlong program; cohort of 8 leaders, 4 quarterly offsites, monthly coaching sessions, 360 feedback report and leadership plan for each leader

  • Invited to speak to entire human resources organization; developed Picturing Success deck of cards which went viral in company

  • Teambuilding with smaller individual teams

Business & Human Impact

  • Many leaders coached were successfully promoted

  • Business gained leaders with courage, savvy and point of view in sync with company culture, the CEO and leadership team

  • Year-long officer development program fostered connections across the company and yielded powerful results for individual leaders

  • Leaders able to be more strategic and self-starting about how to navigate and drive change with key stakeholders

“She is hands down the most effective coach I have ever seen.  I have seen her results be career- changing and life-changing.”

“Thank you for the incredible role you have played with me over the last year and in preparation for this big moment. For your coaching, support and most importantly, helping me believe in myself. I am so grateful!“

“Sherry has a special way of challenging people and getting them to the next level—with a style and approach that works. She’s expert at teaching people how to navigate large

corporate cultures.”

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